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The Importance of Taking Action When Bunions Start to Develop

Are you battling one or more bunions? If so, you understand the difficulty these bony protrusions can bring into your life. From finding shoes that fit comfortably to uncovering your feet at the pool this summer, bunions are a pain. 

At South Sound Foot & Ankle in Olympia, Washington, we understand the discomfort and frustration bunions bring. Mark Hopkins, DPM, is experienced at providing a range of effective treatments to help bring you relief from your bunions. Dr. Hopkins also knows the importance of taking action early when bunions start to form. 

If you’ve noticed a bony protrusion begins to develop or have other symptoms associated with bunions, like red and sore skin at the joint of your big toe, read on to learn why taking action early is key!

Bunions 101 

A bunion is a bony protrusion or bump that develops at your big toe joint on the inside of your foot. Bunions develop slowly as the joint that connects your foot to your big toe compresses and shifts out of place. This causes your big toe to begin to bend in, toward your other toes. The result, your joint gets pushed out and painful bunion forms. 

When they start to form, bunions may look like small sores or bumps. But as you walk or stand, the joint gets pushed further out of place and the bunion increases in size. Bunions can swell and become red and inflamed, making your skin sensitive to touch.  

Anybody can develop bunions, but they happen more frequently when you have a family history. Other risk factors for bunions include:

Some neurological disorders are also associated with an increase in the development of bunions. 

Why early action matters

If you suspect you have a bunion, it’s important to seek an evaluation with a trained podiatrist, like Dr. Hopkins at South Sound Foot & Ankle. An early and accurate diagnosis can make the difference in finding lasting relief.

Bunions are permanent unless removed surgically. But if you take action early as the bunion begins to develop, Dr. Hopkins can help prevent the progression of the bunion. This may make surgery a possibility while reducing your pain and restoring the functionality of your foot.

Early treatment options for bunions include:

Dr. Hopkins has extensive experience and skill in surgical care for bunions. He'll discuss your options with you to create a customized care plan.

How to get help for bunions

If you suspect you may have a bunion, don’t wait to visit your podiatrist. In addition to evaluating your bunion and looking for any underlying issues with the internal structure of your foot, Dr. Hopkins can improve your foot mechanics and give you valuable tips on how to slow its progression.

If you have one or more bunions, don’t wait to seek help. Contact Dr. Hopkins and the team at South Sound Foot & Ankle or book your appointment online now!

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