Why Do I Need Orthotics?

You may think orthotics are only for people who are on their feet a lot or who have foot issues. But everyone’s feet work hard to keep them moving and standing. Bearing weight and even simple tasks like walking put stress on the sensitive tissues that make up your feet. 

Not taking preventive measures with your feet can lead to problems, like heel pain, the top foot problem in America. But while orthotics can alleviate pain, that’s not the only benefit they bring. 

As part of our comprehensive line of services, board-certified podiatrist Mark Hopkins, DPM, and our experienced team at South Sound Foot & Ankle provide patients in Olympia, Washington, with custom orthotics.

Take a moment to learn more about the benefits of custom orthotics and why they might be the right choice for you!

What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are inserts placed inside your shoes. They are custom-designed to fit your feet and work to provide balance and even distribution of your weight and pressure to your feet and ankles.  

It’s possible to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) orthotics in many stores and online, however, custom orthotics are of better quality and offer more effective treatment. It’s also important to note that since store-bought orthotics aren’t made to your specifications, they can actually make your feet worse.

To make certain your custom orthotics work for you, Dr. Hopkins evaluates your feet and conducts a physical exam. Once he has a strong assessment of your feet, he creates a customized treatment plan tailored to best meet your needs. 

If custom orthotics are right for you, Dr. Hopkins takes 3D images or a cast of your feet. The models are then sent to a medical lab where a technician creates your custom orthotics. 

Why choose custom orthotics?

Orthotics can both help treat and prevent a number of issues. Here’s a closer look at the top five reasons orthotics might be right for you:

1. You’re experiencing pain

Whether you have arthritis, are recovering from an injury, or just had surgery, chances are you’re experiencing pain. Some people also have pain in their legs, feet, and ankles from the way they walk, being overweight, or underlying medical conditions. 

Custom orthotics can offer tremendous relief from pain. From providing extra support in your shoes to other joints in your body, orthotics help by correcting your balance and alignment.

Here are some of the pain-causing conditions orthotics can help:

2. You want discreet foot support 

Some of our patients at South Sound Foot & Ankle worry about highly visible or unsightly foot support. We understand. The good news is most custom orthotics can be designed to fit inside all shoe types — even dress shoes — so no one can see your foot support. 

Custom orthotics are also removable. This gives you the ability to take them out of your shoes for short periods and replace them when you’re ready. 

3. You want to prevent injuries

No one wants to be injured. The extra support for your feet, ankles, knees, and hips that custom orthotics provide reduces your risk of injuries, including fractures and sprains. Your orthotics provide a stable surface that better supports your motions and the force your feet and legs endure. Custom orthotics can even protect your joints from strains or overextension. 

4. You want to be more active

You know maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of your overall health. It’s especially important to stay at a healthy weight if you’ve been injured and are in the process of recovering. 

But painful joints or feet can stop you from being as active as you’d like. And if you have a foot deformity or issues with your feet related to diabetes, your abilities may be limited by pain. Custom orthotics allow you to walk or run without having to worry about injury or experiencing discomfort.

5. You want a precise fit

When Dr. Hopkins prescribes your custom orthotics, he considers your entire musculoskeletal system, lifestyle factors, such as the types of shoes you frequently wear, your goals for physical activity, and any current health conditions you may have.

As a result, your custom orthotics are designed to fit your body with precision over-the-counter options just can’t match. Dr. Hopkins can even work with you to overcome complicated foot conditions.

Find out if custom orthotics are the right solution for you by contacting Dr. Hopkins and the team at South Sound Foot & Ankle. Call our Olympia office to schedule an appointment or book online now!

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